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Bi Flag Gif (FREE TO USE) by Inuyasha19998 Bi Flag Gif (FREE TO USE) :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 9 0 For Gayrainbowbarf (Art Trade) by Inuyasha19998 For Gayrainbowbarf (Art Trade) :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 10 2 Sketch For Gayrainbowbarf by Inuyasha19998 Sketch For Gayrainbowbarf :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 5 3 Dgray by Inuyasha19998 Dgray :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 23 6 Extra 4 special by Inuyasha19998 Extra 4 special :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 16 0 Full Veiw 4 Special by Inuyasha19998 Full Veiw 4 Special :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 33 0 Request 4 Special by Inuyasha19998 Request 4 Special :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 37 13 Phan by Inuyasha19998 Phan :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 15 2 An OC by Inuyasha19998 An OC :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 13 0 Ianthony by Inuyasha19998 Ianthony :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 21 3 Immortalfox by Inuyasha19998 Immortalfox :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 6 0 Slyfoxhound by Inuyasha19998 Slyfoxhound :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 5 0 Xephos and Honeydew by Inuyasha19998 Xephos and Honeydew :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 11 0
A New Beginning:The Wedding:Chapter 2
There they were Simon on one knee and Lewis staring at Simon in shock. It felt like an eternity and Simon started to get nervous, he started to think to himself what if this was a bad idea? Ha of course this was a horrible idea etc.
It really started to get to him his eyes scanned the area around him instead of staring at Lewis, soon he started to say " Umm i mean... well really you don't have to say yes, maybe this is a bit to sudden so we can just continue with our meal if you want to...." he continued to talk and talk when finally he herd "Yes".
"W-what?" Simon said in shock "I said Yes you bloody git" Simon finally looked up to see Lewis close to tears, Simon sighed in relief "I would be honored to be your husband Simon" and with that Simon got up and hugged his now to be fiance they then had a lovely dinner, they talked about many things and they then went back to their shared apartment and that is how they ended their wonderful day.
The next day they both walked into the off
:iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 6 24
My Avatar by Inuyasha19998 My Avatar :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 2 0 eyes by Inuyasha19998 eyes :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 3 6
i love drawing and writing! kaomoji set 1 3/19 by megaman5000


:AT: Candy by Puijela10 :AT: Candy :iconpuijela10:Puijela10 40 5 *Fan Art* Serenity by Marritime *Fan Art* Serenity :iconmarritime:Marritime 172 13 alt Universe Pink. by MrsThinkable alt Universe Pink. :iconmrsthinkable:MrsThinkable 14 5 Pink meets fluffy ? by MrsThinkable Pink meets fluffy ? :iconmrsthinkable:MrsThinkable 11 0 pink is has fallen. by MrsThinkable pink is has fallen. :iconmrsthinkable:MrsThinkable 10 0 Little Bunny by GunBubs Little Bunny :icongunbubs:GunBubs 16 9 Dab by GunBubs Dab :icongunbubs:GunBubs 6 2 Love between a monster and a human by GunBubs Love between a monster and a human :icongunbubs:GunBubs 8 2 Seara by Baymax2002 Seara :iconbaymax2002:Baymax2002 5 2 Meet the artist by Puijela10 Meet the artist :iconpuijela10:Puijela10 50 9 MOTM by Puijela10 MOTM :iconpuijela10:Puijela10 47 3 Blue [for Skythewolfdog9] by Moonstar005 Blue [for Skythewolfdog9] :iconmoonstar005:Moonstar005 17 14 SkytheWolfDog9 by Moonstar005 SkytheWolfDog9 :iconmoonstar005:Moonstar005 17 3 Winged Adoptables | 0/2 Closed by applecarrots Winged Adoptables | 0/2 Closed :iconapplecarrots:applecarrots 36 5 Mixed Adopts 5| Open 1/6 by applecarrots Mixed Adopts 5| Open 1/6 :iconapplecarrots:applecarrots 65 13 Jigoku Shoujo - Mirrors - by Nyan-Lai Jigoku Shoujo - Mirrors - :iconnyan-lai:Nyan-Lai 108 13
These are all my fave's which all rock!:love:and are really great and pretty kaomoji set 2 12/67 by megaman5000

Some of my favorite couples:
Youtuber Ships:
SlyfoxhoundxImmortalHD (Immortalfox)
JamesxSeamus (Jeamus)
HoneydewxXephos (Honeyphos)
SipsxSjin (Sjips)
PewdiepiexChaoticmonki (Pewdiecry)
DanxPhil (Phan)

Tv Show Ships:
Sherlock HolmesxJohn Watson (Johnlock)

Anime & Cartoon Ships:
(Voltron) Shiro x Keith (Sheith)
(Free!) Makoto x Haru (Makoharu), Sosuke x Rin (Sourin), Rei x Nagisa (Reigisa)

And more but there's to many ewe
/(uwu)/ now i must go!~ *flies away with my laptop*



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donate please! i would be very happy if you did! Emoji02 by Emoji-icon
I would love to have a Core Membership kaomoji set 1 9/19 by megaman5000

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Add Another Character and Background
This is if you want to add another character and/or Background to your request

if you only want one of those things send the points to my donation pool thanks pink heart {big} 
Paper Drawings
I will draw something on paper for you, only 1 character (no coloring or backgrounds)

If you want to add another character that will be +5 more points
If you want a background that's another +5 points

Things I Wont Draw
I will sketch something for you, only 1 character (no backgrounds)

If you want to add another character that will be +5 more points
If you want a background that's another +5 points
Colored Art
I will draw one of your characters and color it (or anime character) only 1 character

If you want to add another character that will be +5 more points
If you want a background that's another +5 points
Don't worry take your time! just writing it down to remember! (so i don't forget lol XD) (it's safer to keep it here than on my laptop cause i lost my last writing data due to thinking i saved it but i didn't ;-; )
  • :iconpuijela10: for 2 pieces of art (will pay once she's done!) *waiting* 85 points (each)
  • :icongunbubs: for 4 pixel animations (5th pixel commission info still pending from me)

I'm looking to buy from people who can draw Undertale and/or anime/realistic art, pixel art is welcome! this is for my family cause they want some art! please put your work down in the description and your prices (JUST POINTS)

I wont be the one choosing who to commission they will!

undertale references  Reaper Tale Sans by xXAuraTaurusXx…

FA: undertale chara by Panther-fam

Other references for the other art will be given when they choose the people
Hey! :icondahub: will give you free Points if you watch, fav or give llamas to the users in his donation widget!

You can also be featured if you donate some Points

So go to dAhub now! :D (Big Grin)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Wiggly text - Welcome by merurupururin

My B-Day is August 4th!

watch this account as well if you want to c: ! :iconakemiisumi:

my deviant ID was drawn by :icondark-strings: for me and My avatar is by :iconrann-poisoncage:

ok i created this account back in 2010 and i was like 12/13 years old then Kao Emoji-77 (Errr) [V4] by Jerikuto so please forgive me for my annoyingness way back in the day! like kaomoji set 1 11/19 by megaman5000 if you see any of my old embarrassing comments (like ones where i repeated myself ) please delete them for my sake so i don't get embarrassed reading it. please and thank you!(like for real i repeated myself constantly so like kaomoji set 1 14/19 by megaman5000😂 i apologize for that)

I'm 19 years old, i like random stuff :la: I use a tablet
Some things i like are Smosh, the Yogscast, The Creatures, danisnotonfire, amazingphil etc.
I also like Anime Emoji05 by Emoji-icon

Check out both of my tumblr's
Tumblr Bullet by Pastel-BunBun

(tell me if you add me on tumblr! so i can add you back!)
Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3 My Groups Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

:iconkiseob: co-founder of the group :iconranniiee:

:iconogaxfuruichi: co-founder of the group :iconprez-koko:

:iconbga-group: My BgA Group

I was unix on muzy!
I was also on sketchfu



Hi! just wanted to let you guys know i won't have my tablet for this week and maybe not the next week either(i assume) cause i returned it because of the scratches! but i might as well also let you guys know that yes i did start on some of the requests/art trades and here are some of the sketches! Rrr by Inuyasha19998 Rrrrr by Inuyasha19998 Rrrr by Inuyasha19998
i know they're a bit :cute poop: but they are sketches after all lol XD
Anthony's leaving SmoshGhost Crying Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale , Avi's leaving pentatonix Jake crying plz WHATS NEXTLlama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1]  i can't even right now, i've been watching smosh for YEARS and i BARLEY got into pentatonix like 2 years ago i feel SO SAD right now i fully support both of them on their decision but you know CHANGE is hard ;-;
ok so i have to make a choice and idk if i can cause i'm SUPER busy with drawing but i have to choose to keep my scratched up tablet for months and might not get another chance to return it for a new one and idk what to do ;-; like i have deadlines for art and art trades and requests and shiiit man what do i do?
Sorry if you're either sigh 
1. Waiting for a request
2. Waiting for an art trade
I've been sick and i'm not feeling well, i promise i'll get to drawing everything once i'm feeling better!Sigh 
Do you guys have any music recommendations i can listen too?Peek a boo  i don't have any preference on the type of music, i'll basically listen to anything
lol i think deviantart thinks i'm a bot? cause i was favoriting things"too fast" or was it too many things? like lol, let me be man i'm just favoriting things 😂 now every time i press "next page" it shows a pop up ad that's like "click here to continue to deviantart", well unless the ad is showing up for everyone else as well, then that just means deviantart is putting the ad for everyone (which is annoying tbh)
Also i'm pretty sure deviantart used to let everyone have the "Custom" to display anything you wanted cause i used to have it and i never had a membership ever so. BUT THEN my dumb old past me decided to "restore" my profile front page and then i was like "OH NO" cause when i went to go put it back on my front page it wouldn't let me it said i needed a "membership" and i was like "WTF!" anyways;DAMN YOU PAST MEUndertale - Mad Angry Chara might explode ;
A LONG time ago, i dont remember why; but i deleted all of my old folders from my favorites and now i'm just like "why the fuck did i do that?"Undertale - Mad Angry Chara might explode  lol the side folders were comics/doujinshi's and now i'm just like "i wounder what i used to read" now i don't even know lol anyways BAD PAST ME Angry sock gravity falls icon (broken) . If i do find them again though, i will be putting them back in folders again
I'm gonna be posting art i did in like 2015-2016 cause i haven't posted anything in years


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