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A New Beginning:The Wedding:Chapter 2
There they were Simon on one knee and Lewis staring at Simon in shock. It felt like an eternity and Simon started to get nervous, he started to think to himself what if this was a bad idea? Ha of course this was a horrible idea etc.
It really started to get to him his eyes scanned the area around him instead of staring at Lewis, soon he started to say " Umm i mean... well really you don't have to say yes, maybe this is a bit to sudden so we can just continue with our meal if you want to...." he continued to talk and talk when finally he herd "Yes".
"W-what?" Simon said in shock "I said Yes you bloody git" Simon finally looked up to see Lewis close to tears, Simon sighed in relief "I would be honored to be your husband Simon" and with that Simon got up and hugged his now to be fiance they then had a lovely dinner, they talked about many things and they then went back to their shared apartment and that is how they ended their wonderful day.
The next day they both walked into the off
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A New Beginning:The proposal:Chapter 1
---- Read description at the bottom before you read!----
It had been a year sense the minecraft incident, it felt like it had never happened and everyone has seemed to have forgotten about it. Well not completely forgotten about it, they all still remembered the time that they had spent there. Sometimes they would wonder if one day they would ever go back to the minecraft world, but eventually they would shrug off the thought and get back to work.
One day at work Lewis was sat down editing a video for his and Simon's YouTube channel at yogtowers when someone suddenly knocked on his office door. He didn't look up to check who it was but told the person that they could come into his office. All of a sudden someone covered his eyes.
"Guess who it is~" the person said in a singsong voice. Lewis smiled and laughed "Simon what on earth are you doing?" Lewis said and soon the hands that covered his eyes where gone and he could see again.
"Dammit i thought i could trick you!" Simon said playfu
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Chapter 9: Tekkit -The End
Sips and Sjin had at first stayed at the Honeydew factory for a while, but then decided to go to the sips co. for some privacy; they had so much fun, just the two of them, sometimes they wondered how the others were doing.
“Hey Sjin, do you think we should go visit the guys today?” Sips asked Sjin as he sat on their bed.
Sjin smiled at Sips “well if you want to we could go visit them, or~ we can have a little fun” Sjin said as sat on Sips lap. Sips grinned at Sjin “yeah we could just visit them another day” Sips said as he kissed Sjin and pushed Sjin down on the bed, Sjin giggled and kissed back as he wrapped his legs around sips waist.
All of a sudden they hear a knock on the down stairs door, “god dammit!” Sips said as he got up slightly.
Sips sighed “Come on Sjin we better go check who’s at the door” Sips said as he got up and off the bed, Sjin got up and off the bed also and followed Sips downstairs.
Sips opened the
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Chapter 8: Tekkit
--------------------------5 weeks later-------------------------
Duncan stood there with a smile on his face, “I think I've figured out a way to get us all back to the real world!” Duncan said to himself as he made a hole in the ground and poured the liquid into the hole to make a portal.
It had been 4 weeks that he’s been in his lab, only once and a while would he take a break from working. He wondered if the guys were worried about him, probably not. He wished he could be as happy as his friends...
Duncan sighed “I need to stop thinking so much” he said as he got close to the portal, Duncan closed his eyes and was about to jump into the portal, but then stopped.
“If I jump into the portal now, how the bloody hell am I supposed to get back into tekkit to get the others?!” Duncan face palmed himself, how could he be so dumb?
Duncan stepped away from the portal and quickly put on his flying ring. “I better go get the others” Duncan s
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Sketch-Lewis in the bee costume and Simon as santa :iconinuyasha19998:Inuyasha19998 10 6
i love drawing and writing! kaomoji set 1 3/19 by megaman5000


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I'm gonna be posting art i did in like 2015-2016 cause i haven't posted anything in years
so i was looking back at my writing and laughing to myself compared to my writing from 2012 to 2014 till now like dear me my writing was pretty bad in the beginning (2012 basically i was like 14-15 at the time when i wrote the first part of the series) 😂

Though i do thank everyone for cheering me on which to me made me feel like a million bucks! like some people loved it and i was like "YEAH i'm going to continue just for them!!" and i did finish it (well the first series that is lol) and now it's 2016 and the second series stopped so suddenly due to my laziness and lack of motivation as well as my lack of not coming onto deviantart.

To be honest i completely forget about this site sometimes due to me being on tumblr all the time lol but i feel like i havent been putting everything into finishing the rest of the second part of the tekkit series though i'm not making any promises on when it will come out or if i will ever finish it at all (cause we all know how that goes lol) i've really wanted to finish it for quite some time and i know how it feels to read a series that was never finished so i've downloaded all my old writing to re-read and i think i'll be looking back at some suggestions that have been put into the comments and so on.  

(should i also mention i do have chapter 3 half written but it's been on my computer for 2 years? and sometimes i went back to it to edit and fix it and add on? lol idk idk)

Though i'm not going to say my writing has improved (cause it hasn't really lol) i hope when the time comes and i FINALLY put out that chapter 3 and so on that you will enjoy the series as you did in the past 


p.s. (random note just cause lol) my internet is SO SLOW so i can barley load anything such as video's and so on so i guess that means more time for writing and contemplating on what to write lol


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