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September 9, 2012
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Lewis was so tired after playing tekkit with Simon, Sjin, Sips, and Duncan.
After saying good night to them he jumped into his bed without changing out of his clothes, and fell into a deep sleep.
Lewis woke up to a strange sound, it sounded like… hissing? "look out!" someone shouted. He felt someone push him. "BOOM!"
Lewis slowly opened his eyes to see he was outside for some weird reason." What the bloody hell!?" he soon saw the hole in the ground next to him.
"Are you ok?" the person that just saved his life said. "y-yeah I think I am" Lewis said and he turned to the person that just saved his life.
"H-honeydew!?"  Lewis said in surprise. "No it's me Simon!" Simon said as he got up, slightly injured, while he dusted himself off.
"What? When? Where? How?
"Calm down Lewis!" Simon said as he patted his back. I'll explain it to you later but for now we need to go somewhere, where it's safe".
Simon started leading Lewis to what looked like a factory. The factory look familiar it looked like the jaffa cake factory from tekkit."no it can't be" Lewis thought to himself." "Were in tekkit!! " Lewis yelled
Simon sighed "yep". They stayed quiet for a while until Lewis broke the silence "S-so if you have your minecraft skin does that mean I have my minecraft skin too?"
Simon nodded  "yep you sure do" "oh ok" Lewis said. After a while they finally made it to the factory door. Lewis sighed" here goes nothing" he said as he slowly opened the door.
I'll write more next time TuT man i never noticed how short it looks *sigh*
well ^^; this is my first time uploading a fanfiction so.... yeah lol this fanfiction is about the yogscast and somehow they got into tekkit(you will find out in the next chapter) and there will be some couples you know, cause i have a sick mind hurhurhur XD lol so the couples are
simon/lewis or honeydew/xephos cause they are in their minecraft skins
and duncan will be forever alone
XD im so mean
so anyway i hope you guys will like it >.< or not TuT
oh yeah if i make any mistakes in my writing im sorry but im not good with writing XD like i said this is my first time doing something like this.
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SjinsShadow Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I really hope Sjin will arrive soon! :heart: :meow:
This is relly good so far here have a jaffa cake *gives jaffa cake*
LillytheHedgehog19 Jul 24, 2013  Student Artist
Awesome :O
I can't wait to read the next chapter!!!!!!!!!!
Don't worry about me... Just reading this for the third time whilst waiting on the next part :/
XD lol man your awesome~! :heart: lol you know what just because you read my fanfic over and over and over etc. i'll upload the next chapter tomorrow :D just for you :)
OMG dude your so sweet <3
e.e umm i don't think im gonna upload it today so i'll send you what i've wrote so far! :D i might change some parts in it later on so.... yep!
I mean today i'll try to upload it today ouo and if i don't upload it TODAY i'll let you have a sneek peek on chapter 6 :D
and if i don't upload it tomorrow i'll let you have a sneek peek on chapter 6 :)
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